About Arcomed

Constantly seeking product improvements


Arcomed is one of the most respected infusion technology providers in the world. The company has a long history and was officially founded in 1974. Since then, arcomed ag has focused on the domain of infusion technology, offering a full range of pumps and IV consumables. arcomed is an independent and privately owned company enjoying continuous and constant financial growth. Our experience and dedication has given us the reputation of being the technology leader in the Infusion Industry. arcomed and its people have helped to redefine the infusion technology market.

The company has continually invented new technology, which has set new standards in the industry. Constantly seeking improvements for products and industry practice is the core value of the arcomed company. We have pioneered several developments in the industry such as the UniQueCONCEPT™, which gives the highest levels of patient safety and patient care. Our people, our products and our services are the best in the industry.

arcomed ag is proud of its Swiss origin, all of our infusion devices are designed, developed and manufactured in Switzerland. Each infusion device carries the “Swiss Made” label; this certifies the integrity and quality of the products. arcomed ag is an independent company certified by TÜV Munich (ISO 13485: 2016) and with its headquarter in Kloten, Switzerland. The subsidiary of the group is established in Essex (UK).


Research & Development

  • Director Research & Development Dr. Marc Vollenweider
  • Head of Quality Management Stefan Appel
  • Head of Product Management Raschied Schabana
  • Head of Clinical Applications
    Conny Schweizer

Sales & Marketing

  • Senior Vice-President Thomas Moeckli
  • Vice-President Global Business Maxine Van Wyk
  • Vice-President Finance Juan Fernandez
  • Director Southern / Middle Europe Raúl San José Cortés
  • Director MEA Mohammed Basha
  • Head of Business Management Asia / Pacific Arwinder Bamra
  • Head of Business Management LATAM German Salcedo
  • Head of Business Management Brazil / Argentina / Portugal Eduardo Fernandes
  • Head of Business Management UK / Ireland / Netherlands Andrew Pritchard
  • Head of Business Management Germany / Austria Steffen Amberger
  • Head of Business Management Australia / New Zealand Andre Delgadinho
  • Head of Business Management Nordics / Baltics Andreas Johannson
  • Head of Business Management Middle / Eastern Europe Gyula Vertesy
  • Switzerland East: Oliver Schwarz Middle: Rico Germann

Global Network

Our global network of subsidiaries and distributors serves our large customer base worldwide with the company’s core values to provide advanced products and enhance superior service to our clients. arcomed has carefully chosen its global partners in order to serve you with a first class service. We seek to develop long-term relationships with our clients. This means genuinely focusing on their interests and providing superior high-end products to them. We believe this ensures we are a trusted manufacturer in infusion technology for our partners. We are a global company in terms of presence, having a significant market share in Europe, Middle East, Asia/Pacific, South America and Africa, but with a local market approach, as arcomed has a deep local expertise in all these regions through our dealer regional network.


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By providing high-end, state-of-the-art products to the global healthcare market, we constantly strive to improve the state of healthcare around the globe. This is why arcomed only offers the most advanced technology. We strongly believe that every single hospital, no matter where it is located, should have access to the latest and safest infusion technology. At arcomed, we don’t believe in offering different quality levels to different world regions. arcomed supports healthcare improvements everywhere in the world.

At arcomed, we promote open, clear communication. We firmly believe that this is the best practice for our team to find solutions to any challenge. It provides a superlative platform for the development of new and innovative solutions, enhancing patient safety and increasing workflow efficiency for hospitals. Everyone—from all departments—is invited to share their ideas and contribute to a solution. The best solution is found in a team. We like to share experience through best practices in order to continuously improve, and we enjoy working closely with clinical experts.

arcomed strongly believes in partnership. We aim for a strong alliance with our customers and distributors. At arcomed, we have always trusted a channel strategy. Only a partnership based upon trust, mutual interest, and common goals can become a real win-win success. Most of our worldwide distributors have been our partners for decades. This ensures the best possible support for our customers—and high-end, quality services. arcomed will continue to invest in our partners and strengthen our distributor network globally in order to enhance our presence around the world.

Research and Development

Arcomed is proud of its Research and Development Center. Continuous innovation is at the core of our success, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest technology and high-end, top-of-the-range products.

All R&D-related activities are carried out internally to ensure the highest possible level of functionality, quality, and user-friendliness. arcomed is the main driver of the the industry and a significant technology leader. We invest continuously in R&D, and as a result, we have one of the highest ratios of R&D investment/turnover in the industry.

Because of our dedication to infusion technology, we are always at the cutting edge of all technology driving the industry. arcomed is leaps and bounds ahead of the industry standard.

We are very proud of the fact that over the years, arcomed has achieved a reputation for flexibility and responsiveness to customer requests. Our strength lies in customizing your infusion devices and achieving a truly tailor-made product. You get what you want!


Customer Satisfaction: Swiss-Made!

As a global manufacturer of infusion technology, we believe that only the highest-quality IV pumps and consumables will meet your expectations (and ours). With our global network of subsidiaries and distributors, we serve thousands of patients on a daily basis with the highest-quality products. Creating shared value for all stakeholders is a key element for our company. arcomed appreciates our customers, and we create a true and trustworthy partnership in all aspects of our relationship with you. It is a commitment of yours to us, which we acknowledge as our daily aim to satisfy you in all regards.

Customer Satisfaction: Swiss-Made!