Safety, convenience and cost savings are challenges faced by hospitals. arcomed technology can offer them advanced solutions to these problems.Nowadays, hospitals face several challenges in order to continue moving forward in terms of offering the best health care to the population. The increase in life expectancy has led to an increase in the number of patients using health facilities.

Citizens need more services, greater care and the best healthcare professionals. Meanwhile, hospitals require greater security in their workflows, increased convenience for health professionals and cost savings.

Here at arcomed, the only manufacturer in the world that is fully dedicated to infusion technology, we are aware that health centres face various problems. For this reason, we create high quality medical devices, which are produced in Switzerland on the basis of fundamental principles.

1. Safety
arcomed has launched UniQueCONCEPT™, a revolutionary infusion data management system (IDMS), which increases patients’ safety, simplifies work processes and improves the hospital’s legal security level.

This device is based on the automated transmission of the infusion parameters, representing an important improvement for the patient’s safety: In this way, the right patient receives the correct medication in the correct dose. Errors in giving medication are thus greatly reduced. In addition, the possibility of remote monitoring and centralized alarm management provides nursing and medical staff with all relevant infusion data at any time and in any area of the hospital.

2. Convenience
Our infusion pumps are user-friendly and easy to handle, launching in just three steps. First load the system or syringe, then enter the infusion flow and finally press the “Start” button.

Likewise, arcomed has also designed a simple interface for providing greater convenience. With an icon and shortcuts based interface, the healthcare professional does not have to wait and hope for everything to turn out right. Rather, he/she can act safety, quickly and effectively. Moreover, the infusion pumps feature an incorporated handle, which can be fixed onto the UniQueDOC™ system, allowing the stacking of the pumps in accordance with the user’s needs.

3. Cost savings
Long-term costs-saving is an important issue for both the hospital and arcomed. The implementation of the All-in-OneCONCEPT™ system allows staff to perform their work correctly in minus time with fewer infusion pumps. As such, different hospital departments can share the same pumps, freeing up space and saving on machinery investments.
This exclusive philosophy allows the medical team to meet their needs and, in turn, reduces expenditure thanks to standardized supplies (fewer pump manufacturers and fewer pump types within the hospital), which saves storage space for the devices.

In this sense, if Health Services wish to face 21st century challenges, partners like arcomed, which provides advanced, useful and efficient solutions, are vital. This is because we understand the key elements of the relationship between cost and efficacy, as well as the aspects that are required in order to improve quality standards with regard to safety and patient-oriented approaches.