General anaesthesia in surgical operations is one of the most delicate aspects of an anaesthetist’s job, who has to decide what methods and drugs to use in each case and make a series of calculations according to the drugs and the patient’s biomedical parameters to develop a model that guarantees the patient’s safety.

The TIVA (Total Intravenous Anaesthesia) technique is based on the exclusive use of drugs by intravenous administration to achieve general anaesthesia, without using inhalation anaesthesia.

It is a relatively new technique in regards to traditional anaesthesia with gases or a combination of inhalation/intravenous administration.

What improvements does the TCI technique bring in regards to traditional anaesthesia?

Not long ago, general intravenous anaesthesia was not very popular due to the complexity of calculations in order to create a suitable model for each patient and the pharmacokinetics of the drugs used, restricting their usage to cases where the patient’s characteristics made it impossible to administer inhalation anaesthesia.

However, the use of propofol and other intravenous drugs with a shorter half-life, together with technological advances in infusion pumps with the introduction of TCI (Target-Controlled Infusion) that allows you to configure the pumps according to pre-established models from the patient’s biomedical parameters, have made the use of TCI in surgery more and more common.

The main advantages in regards to traditional anaesthesia are summarised below:

  • Reduction in nausea and post-operative vomiting.
  • Less atmospheric pollution in surgery.
  • Quicker and easier recovery for the patient.
  • Greater haemodynamic stability.
  • Preservation of the hypoxic pulmonary vasoconstriction.
  • Reduction in intracerebral pressure.
  • Less organ toxicity.

Another fundamental advantage in the use of TCI pumps is the reduction in medication errors, something that arcomed has worked intensively on in order to offer pump models that guarantee maximum safety, both for the patient and the anaesthetist.

At arcomed, as leaders in the design and manufacturing of infusion pumps, we offer our clients prepared infusion pumps for TIVA as well as TCI that include on the one hand the most commonly used infusion algorithms (Plasma and effect site algorithms, Marsh, Schnider and Minto), as well as exclusive functions (Cortinez-Sepúlveda for obese patients or Dyck for dexmedetomidine) and advanced functions such as the convenient standby function or the BMI control for overweight patients (something that always poses a challenge for the anaesthetist) or the wireless, automatic patient data transmission between pumps.

All of this on a large, colour touch screen from which you can easily control all infusion parameters, allows us to offer a product that puts the surgical area of the hospital at the forefront of infusion technology, with the maximum guarantee of safety that distinguishes the arcomed products made in Switzerland.