Intravenous drug infusion is something that is routinely used in all areas of a hospital, which is why at arcomed we have developed the All-In-One concept: the same pump (volumetric or syringe) can be used in any area of the hospital, from the ICU to the operating room, as well as in oncology, general ward, delivery room, emergency room….

Until now, hospitals had been using different pump models in each area, which usually came from different manufactures. This leads to an automatic increase in costs due to several factors:

  • Number of pumps: An elevated number of pumps is needed to meet peaks in demand, since each department uses their own.
  • Learning costs: Staff who rotate between the different areas have to learn how to use the different infusion pump models, each with its own characteristics and different levels of difficulty.
  • Personalisation and drug libraries: Each area of the hospital requires different personalisation in terms of the drug libraries used.
  • Maintenance costs: The more types of pump models used in the hospital, the more training required by the staff who is in charge of their maintenance.
  • Economies of scale: Buying 200 pumps from five manufacturers is not the same as buying from just one. With a greater number of infusion pump suppliers, the hospital’s ability to negotiate the price is diminished.
  • Wasted time: Disconnecting and reconnecting the patient to different infusion pumps in order to just change areas means to discard and change a consumable that could have been used for longer, as well as a greater investment in time, which in the long run implies higher personnel costs.

All-In-One Concept: Why use several pumps when you can use just one?

arcomed is the leading manufacturer in infusion technology and our All-In-One concept is here to provide a solution to this problem. Thanks to our ongoing collaboration with clinical teams at hospitals, we have developed the arcomed Chroma pumps, in a volumetric and syringe version, which are prepared to be used in any type of infusion therapy. The All-In-One concept allows a Chroma infusion pump’s configuration to be changed in a simple, fast and intuitive way, thanks to its icon-based interface and high-contrast, high-visibility colour touch screen that can be operated with surgical gloves, even when wet.  

The All-In-One concept means that the pump can “follow” the patient on their way from the operating and post-op room to the ICU or to the hospital ward, delivery rooms, chemotherapy rooms, diagnostic testing… The same pump can be used for conventional infusion therapy or for patient-controlled analgesia (PCA); epidural analgesia, be it conventional or programmed intermittent epidural bolus (PIEB); for the use of pharmacokinetic models of Target-Controlled Infusion (TCI) in the operating room… From the simplest to the most technologically advanced functions, without having to change the infusion pump. The user only has to select the operational profile (ICU, anaesthesia, general ward, neonatology, oncology…) and the pump adapts itself automatically all the parameters (as limits, alarms, drug libraries, etc.) to the requirements of each unit.

This leads to cost savings on all and each one of the previously-mentioned points: shorter learning time, fewer pumps to meet the needs of the same volume of patients, lower maintenance costs, etc. In addition, if all of the pumps in the hospital are the same, all personnel will be familiar with how to use them, avoiding delays in the start of the infusion, thus further minimising the possibility of making mistakes.

With the All-In-One concept, arcomed offers hospitals a more efficient and safer management of infusion therapies, as well as an unbeatable cost-benefit ratio.