At arcomed, we are world leaders in the design and manufacture of infusion systems and pumps, drawing on the most cutting-edge technology and providing the highest standards of quality. Our products are entirely designed and manufactured in Switzerland. We are the only global manufacturer that is 100% devoted to infusion technology, and it is no coincidence that decades ago, arcomed developed one of the first infusion pump models to emerge on the market.

We are aware that the infusion of medication is a very frequent procedure in almost every area of a hospital, and for this same reason we have developed different products which meet the requirements of these areas in a simple and versatile manner.

In our catalogue, we provide three different product lines: Chroma Series, Premium Series and Lite Series.

Chroma Series offers the highest standard on patien’s safety, thanks to its easy icon-based interface activated by a tactile screen and the possibillity of color drug coding according with the most recommended standards. Premium Series is a range of hight quality pumps designed for satisfying the needs of any area of the hospital. Lite Series has been designed for its use on hospitalization services or Emergency Rooms, where an easy to use, simple and quick device is required.

Chroma Series: Combining simplicity with technology

Chroma Series infusion pumps are available in syringe pump and volumetric pump models. At first glance, it appears that their main features are their reduced size, their built-in handle facilitating movement and, above all, their large colour touch screen. However, they conceal many more advanced features which set them apart as a benchmark in infusion pumps. Here are some of the most important features:

  • Screen: The pumps’ colour LCD screen, which is equipped with high-contrast technology, enables them to be easily read, even from a distance. .
  • Interface: Instead of navigating through menus which require users to scroll to find the desired selection, Chroma pumps are managed using icons, which reduces the amount of time spent to start infusion. In hospitals, every minute counts. .
  • Size: These are compact yet robust pumps, which are significantly smaller in size than other models on the market. In other side, both the syringe pumps and the volumetric pumps are of the same size..
  • Rapid start-up: Chroma pumps offers the quickest start-up and begin of the infusion of the market..
  • Calculation of medication doses, with systems for reducing errors based on soft and hard limits, minimum and maximum..
  • Specialised and configurable infusion models: Both on TCI or PCA mode, the pumps provide both the most basic and the most advanced infusion protocols..
  • PDMS and UniQueCONCEPT™: Chroma pumps allow bi-directional connectivity with PDMS..

All of this, together with our All-In-OneCONCEPT™ philosophy which equips pumps with the capacity to work in almost any area of a hospital – from ICU to operating theatres, delivery rooms and general hospital wards – means that Chroma Series pumps are a safe and reliable choice, saving time and money and ensuring both the safety of patients and the work efficiency of hospital professionals.

Welcome to the future of infusion technology!