arcomed’s All-In-OneCONCEPT™ philosophy has been designed to effectively reduce costs in infusion technology in hospitals. A single arcomed pump model can carry out the same tasks and cover the same functions as several models from other manufacturers, thanks to its versatility and ability to be adapted to different hospital environments, from Accident and Emergency to ICU, operating theatres, neonates, delivery rooms, general hospital wards and more.

arcomed’s Pump Pooling System (PPS) is a system which makes posible the unification of  different infusion pump models from various manufacturers, which are normally used in hospitals. In addition to the standardisation and cost savings involved (which we will discuss later with reference to a real case study), arcomed pumps incorporate the latest advances in infusion technology:

  • Large high-contrast and high-visibility colour touch screen..
  • Icon-based navigation, with a customisable start screen featuring the most common infusion protocols for each area of the hospital..
  • Reduced size and ease of use..
  • Incorporation of all the most advanced infusion protocols..
  • Rapid start-up of infusion: Touch and react. .
  • Ability to bi-directional connectivity with PDMS system of the hospital..
  • Colour-coding of medication according to international standards..
  • Cutting-edge technology, 100% developed and manufactured in Switzerland..

How can arcomed pumps help to reduce costs in hospitals?

We will present a real case study of the implementation of the Pump Pooling System in a hospital.

Starting point:

The hospital was using 15 different types of pump from 3 different manufacturers. There were a total of 200 pumps, with a need for a further 10% (20 additional pumps).

arcomed Pump Pooling System 1

This created an exponential increase in cost as the number of different pumps and manufacturers rose:

  • Maintenance costs.
  • Costs involved in training personnel in the use of each model.
  • Storage costs.
  • A greater number of reserve pumps (several of each model) to meet peak demand times and cover possible breakdowns..
  • More time spent on changing pump types for different applications..
  • High costs of storage and spare parts..

arcomed PumpPooling System 2

The implementation of the arcomed Pump Pooling system involved covered the capacity to meet this additional demand, which would normally have meant the availabilityof 220 pumps, using only 165 arcomed pumps of two varieties (volumetric pump and syringe pump).

arcomed Pump Pooling System 3

The savings achieved through the implementation of the arcomed Pump Pooling system, based on our All-In-OneCONCEPT™, ranged from a minimum of 25% (investment in pumps and operational costs) to up to 86% (reduction in the number of pumps used and in learning times of biomedical staff).

In addition to this, maintenance costs in terms of both regular and periodic preventive maintenance were reduced by 25%, while the storage space required was reduced by between 50% and 85%.

arcomed Pump Pooling System 4

Ask us about our integrated solution for hospitals. With arcomed, the most cutting-edge infusion technology is not incompatible with efficiency and cost savings!