The work done by nursing staff in a hospital is subject to significant amounts of stress. Although hospitalised patients receive care with different characteristics in the different units of the hospital, there is a need for good organisation in all areas that allows the workflows to function normally and without any “bottlenecks”.

Obviously, the technological equipment that is used with the patients must takes these needs into account when they are designed. Time is money in a hospital, resources are limited and patient care needs are abundant and varied.

Spain is characterised by having some of the best trained nursing staff in the world. This means that procedures performed exclusively by doctors in other countries can be carried out here by nurses, which significantly increases  their workload.

Given all of these circumstances, an intravenous infusion pump should be a device designed to facilitate their work and not the other way around. At arcomed, we are aware of this and, as a result of our close collaboration with healthcare professionals, we have a created a generation of infusion pumps that have multiple advanced functions while remaining simple to use.

Simplicity = easier work for the nursing staff

To speak of a high-tech intravenous infusion pump and use the adjective “simple” may seem like a contradiction, especially for professionals who are used to having to navigate through endless drop-down menus to get to the function they need. But this is exactly what we have done with arcomed Chroma pumps: we have created a high-tech device that is very fast and simple to use.  

  • One pump for all areas of the hospital. With a volumetric and syringe format, it  cover all needs, from the simplest to the most advanced.
  • A simple user interface that resembles something we’re all familiar with: a smartphone’s touch screen. High-contrast colour screen, navigation using icons, customisable home screen with the ability to set shortcuts to the most frequently used functions… No long waits or going through endless steps in the menu. Touch and go.  
  • Can be used with gloves, even when they are wet.
  • There’s no need to learn how to manage several different models. All arcomed Chroma pumps work in the same way.
  • An advanced medication error reduction system, which includes the possibility of  barcodes reading and colour coding of drugs (only possible with a colour screen like the one used in our pumps).
  • Customizable pressure limits in steps of  1 mBar (or 1 mmHg), which allows a great accuracy in order to program occlusion alarms in neonatal areas.
  • Automatic check of functions. The pump itself verifies that is working properly and error free.
  • Reduced weight and size, with a built-in carrying handle.
  • The pump does not need to be changed if the patients moves units. The pump can “follow” the patient, which leads to a significant saving in time and consumables.
  • Customisable drug libraries, with “soft” and “hard” dosing limits.
  • Automatic identification of syringe size and brand (in syringe pumps).
  • Infusion is incredibly fast to start.
  • Possibility of bidirectional connectivity, which allows for the display of parameters, error warnings or the pump can be given orders from the nursing control itself.

These functions and many others guarantee a shorter learning period for nursing staff, greater agility in the handling of the pump, and a lower consumption of resources, while also guaranteeing the patient’s safety and proper care.