In a previous post we talked about Total Intravenous Anaesthesia (TIVA) and different Target-Controlled Infusion (TCI) protocols. Today we will take a closer look at the opportunities that arcomed pumps offer healthcare professionals in the use of TCI protocols.

A TCI protocol is a pharmacokinetic model which is capable of predicting the necessary dosage of a drug in order to achieve the intended target according to different variables such as the physical characteristics of the patient (weight, height, age, gender), the medication which will be used (generally anaesthetics for intraoperative use) and the targets required (for example, the anaesthesia time required to carry out a surgical operation, or the desired plasma concentration of the drug).  The main benefits of the TCI-mode infusion are the higher dosage control  and precision that allows the reduction of the drug dosage. This drives to costs savings for the hospital due the lower consumption of drugs and the fewer post-surgical waking-up time of the patients.

These different TCI protocols are, in reality, complex mathematical algorithms which require a multitude of calculations. On this basis, arcomed’s Chroma infusion pumps have TCI protocols pre-loaded into their memory. These can quickly and easily be accessed using the pumps’ large colour touch screens and icon-based interface. The anaesthetist need only select the TCI protocol that he or she requires and enter the necessary variables for each case, and the pump will do the rest of the work. Moreover, and due the usual combination of two pumps on intraoperative anaesthesia (one for the infusion of  induction agent and one for the infusion of analgesic drug), arcomed’s TCI pumps allow the wireless synchronization of the pumps to share the patient data, avoiding the user to introduce them twice on each pump.

TCI protocols in Chroma Syramed pumps

Syramed syringe pumps from the Chroma series incorporate the most advanced TCI infusion protocols. These are the product of our close collaboration with healthcare professionals from different hospitals and our response to their demands regarding this type of tool.

They involve protocols which have been clinically verified and previously approved by professionals for use in arcomed pumps, and which consider the intravenous infusion of different anaesthetic drugs.

arcomed pumps in TCI mode continuously recalculate the necessary infusion dose to maintain the desired target concentration in a totally precise manner.

It is important to highlight the fact that the use of TCI protocols requires an extensive knowledge of these same protocols on the part of the professional. arcomed has an academy for specific training about TCI modes, to provide and reinforce the knowledge of this technique through the advice of medical professionals experts on  this field.

At arcomed we are constantly searching for ways to improve the characteristics of our pumps and to incorporate the latest updates to infusion models.