The preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals is an everyday practice in the nuclear medicine departments of hospitals but it is not without its risks. Handling radioactive elements requires the highest possible precautions to minimise exposure to radiation on the part of both clinical professionals and the patients.

There are both regulatory and indicative limits to exposure to radiopharmaceuticals, as well as recommendations published by the ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection) and the ICRU (International Commission on Radiation Units and Measurements). In addition to this, each hospital has strict rules governing access to the “hot room” and the handling and administration of radiopharmaceuticals, as well as strict protocols for control and decontamination.

Automatic dispensers are currently used in the majority of hospitals. These prevent manual preparation of radiopharmaceutical but not its manual administration, which means exposure to radiation during the time spent handling these and administering them to the patient. Although this exposure affects the entire body, the extremities are more exposed during the stages of handling the radioactive agent.

In general, the administration of radiopharmaceuticals is carried out in unit doses from multi-dose dials using a shielded syringe with a lead protector. Time is a crucial factor, since in many cases the half-life of a radiopharmaceutical can be only a few minutes. For this reason, the entire process involves adhering to strict protocols.

ArcoNuc: arcomed innovation for the administration of radiopharmaceuticals.*

ArcoNuc is an automated solution for the preparation and administration of radiopharmaceuticals. It has been designed to reduce, as far as possible, the exposure of healthcare professionals to radiation. It is a completely shielded mobile device which facilitates the preparation of individual doses and the administration of these to the patient via an infusion device, all of which is managed by an intuitive software.

The main ArcoNuc features include:

  • Completely shielded, robust and automated, minimising the exposure of clinical staff to radiation..
  • Compatible with all standard vials..
  • Suitable for all isotopes, including those with a very short half-life..
  • Designed for the preparation and administration of individual doses of radiopharmaceuticals..
  • Option of printing details relating to infusion on a label..
  • Option of diluting the dose..
  • Incorporates a high-precision dose calibrator..
  • Compact, ergonomic and lightweight design..
  • Rapid preparation and administration of the dose..
  • Suitable for targeted therapy with radionuclides..
  • Option of adjusting both the infusion flux and the volume..

Automated infusion provides a significant reduction in exposure time to radiation in comparison with manual infusion through a syringe, which translates into increased safety and a greater availability of specialised health care professionals (since it will take longer for them to reach the dosage limit considered to be safe).

Innovation is our passion. At arcomed, we are constantly striving to provide simple, effective and safe solutions for every area of a hospital.

*Coming soon.