PIEB: Greater Comfort in Childbirth

Ever since the use of epidural analgesia became widespread in the delivery room, giving birth has become more comfortable and the anxiety of women who go to the hospital has been reduced, since they know that, unless a complication arises, they won’t have to suffer...

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Intravenous Infusion in the ICU

If we had to choose the places in a hospital where the most advanced medical technology plays a more decisive role, they would undoubtedly be the surgical area and the ICU. Intravenous infusion technology in the ICU is a fundamental part of this technological...

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Consumables for our Infusions Pumps

Intravenous infusion pumps are one of the most frequently-used medical devices in any hospital. They require the daily use of large quantities of consumables, whether we’re talking about syringe pumps or volumetric pumps. We can’t forget that the flexibility of use of...

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