Hospitals in conflict

Arcomed is fully aware that today, one of the most important challenges in health administration organizations is cost-efficiency – and, at the same time, improvement of quality standards with regard to safety and patient focus. Our goal is to realize both targets through the All-in-OneCONCEPT™. Selection of the right medical device (and, of course, the right infusion pump) in the hospital setting represents a key decision toward achieving that purpose.



According to Edbrooke, D., et al., A new method of accurately identifying costs of individual patients in intensive care: the initial results. Intensive Care Medicine, 1997. 23: p. 645 – 650, staff cost in Intensive Care Units in the UK is 60% of total costs. Allowing the clinical staff to act in a quick and intuitive way becomes key to improving performance and ensuring a high level of clinical quality. For this reason, arcomed is concerned to develop tools in order to improve user convenience and reduce lead time.

Pump pooling system

The implementation of the All-in-OneCONCEPT™ allows hospital staff to fulfil their needs with fewer infusion pump units; hence, different hospital departments can share the same pumps, leaving more spare units available with a smaller infusion pump fleet.

Pantalla Táctil


Touchscreen technology represents a new, simpler way of interacting with a device, featuring an icon-based interface and customizable desktop with the most common shortcuts. This feature allows the user to avoid spending time scrolling through the menu to select the right choice.