Intravenous infusion pumps are one of the most frequently-used medical devices in any hospital. They require the daily use of large quantities of consumables, whether we’re talking about syringe pumps or volumetric pumps. We can’t forget that the flexibility of use of the arcomed Chroma pumps, which can be used in any area of the hospital without changing the pump thanks to our All-In-One philosophy, represents a significant savings in consumables.

If arcomed is the high-tech leader in the infusion market, , then our consumables are on the exact same level. Both the different types of syringes as well as the IV sets, extension lines, connectors, etc., are made with materials of the highest quality: silicone or PVC free of DEPH (bis(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate), a commonly used substance that gives plastic greater flexibility, but if released into the environment, can degrade into harmful substances that are highly polluting.

Infusion systems and accessories: Consumables with the arcomed quality seal

All of our systems incorporate a ventilated drip chamber with a 15μm filter, with Luer Lock connectors and a Robson clamp to help avoid risk situations caused by free falling flow.

In addition to IV sets for general use, we also have specific sets for transfusions, use in oncology, neonatology and enteral nutrition. We also have sets and syringes made of opaque materials for the infusion of photosensitive drugs.

The Syramed extension lines for syringe pumps are manufactured to the same high quality standards as the IV sets, which are also made with PVC that is free of DEHP, or with high-precision polyethylene (PE). In all cases, they include Luer Lock connectors.

We have also thought about the mobility of patients receiving intravenous medications. To this end, we have designed coiled extension lines that facilitate their freedom of movement while minimising the risk of the catheter disconnecting, as they have the extension capacity of a spring.  

Our catalogue also includes Heidelberg extensions for volumetric infusion pumps or extensions specifically designed for the total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) protocol that allows for the safe use of various drugs in anaesthesia.

Regarding the syringes for Syramed Chroma infusion pumps, they are made of high-precision polypropylene (PP) and are available in different sizes, from 5 ml to 50 ml. All have a Luer Lock connector.

Finally, we have a wide variety of accessories to cover all infusion needs: injection caps, anti-reflex valves, bottle coupling devices, stopcocks…

Contact us and ask for our catalogue of consumables. We would be happy to provide you with access to a world of infusion solutions that are the perfect accessories to our Chroma pumps.