The perception of pain is a subjective matter which depends on the psychophysical characteristics of each patient. For medical staff, this creates a challenge when prescribing analgesic drugs, since the dosage prescribed must be adapted to this subjectivity so that the patient feels comfortable and free from pain whilst they are in hospital.

There are many conditions, in addition to postoperative recovery, in which intravenous analgesia is necessary to ensure the comfort of the patient, given that a good rest aids recovery and reduces stress levels.

PCA (Patient Controlled Analgesia) emerged as a precise result of this subjective perception of pain and the difficulties that it raises. PCA allows the patient to request medication boluses by pressing a button, within the limits that have been pre-established by the doctor.

PCA is an infusion technique which is widely used in hospitals because in addition to improving patient comfort, it saves nursing time since it means that they are not required to respond to the continuous demands of patients who feel pain and require adjustments in dosage.

However, PCA has its limitations: the patient must be conscious and capable of pressing the button in order to request an analgesic medication bolus when he or she feels pain. What happens in the case of conscious patients who, for whatever reason, are not able to use their upper limbs?

ArcoAir PCA Switch: arcomed’s revolutionary innovation

At arcomed we take pride in maintaining a constant and fluid relationship with our clients. This helps us to detect problems and provide innovative solutions.

ArcoAir PCA Switch is one of those innovations. It consists of a button which the patient activates by blowing through a disposable mouthpiece which is kept close to the mouth using an articulated arm. It is designed for conscious and oriented patients that cannot use their upper limbs. In this way, the patient can request analgesic boluses independently and without the need for assistance. This will significantly improve their level of comfort.

ArcoAir PCA Switch works in connection with our infusion devices. It has an intelligent pressure sensor and supports different configurations, both for the administration of programmed dosages and for dosages activated by patients.

At arcomed we provide sophisticated simplicity, thus reinventing the concept of infusion.