Although infusion pumps are one of the safest medical devices used in the different departments of a modern hospital, they are not exempt from medication errors. Usually the pumps of a hospital are of multiple models and different manufacturers, which makes it difficult for health professionals to learn how to use them correctly, as the pumps of each manufacturer use different user interfaces for their programming and operating, which can easily lead to the staff that need to use them getting confused.

The Spanish Notification System in Safety in Anaesthesia and Resuscitation (SENSAR) has stated in several publications, in which they specify documented cases of medication errors as a result of an incorrect infusion pump programming, that a key aspect in programming is the interface that the professional must use to select the appropriate infusion model in the pump. Literally, SENSAR says that “In the design of these devices, little progress has been made in the user interface of TCI pumps since the first devices appeared. These are often devices with small and monochrome screens, where the information is displayed in a disjointed or complex way, in small print, and without the obligation of checking step by step the parameters programmed before starting the infusion”

arcomed DERS (Drug Error Reduction System) to prevent medication errors

At arcomed we are strongly committed to reducing medication errors. For this our Chroma pumps incorporate a set of safety measures which we call DERS:

  • Visualisation: A large high-contrasting colour touchscreen, that allows to view all the infusion parameters in any light conditions.


  • Easy to use. The easier a device is to use, the more difficult it is to go wrong. Our pumps avoid menus and instead incorporate icon-based browsing which is much more intuitive and can be done with just one finger.


  • Colour-coded drug identification: Having a colour screen allows our pumps to come equipped with a colour-coded drug labelling system identical to the one used in the hospital. So, when a drug is selected, the pump shows the corresponding colour code, which makes it possible to check with the drug’s label that it is the correct one at a single glance.


  • Drug library with “hard” and “soft” limits that prevent accidental overdosing due to a programming error.


  • Wireless communication between pumps, that makes it possible to enter the parameters of a patient who is receiving several medications at once (something common in ICU or surgery) on one single pump, that then communicates this data to the other pumps.


  • Relay mode: In patients where the medication cannot be interrupted at any time, the pumps can work in relay mode, so that when a medication runs out there is already another pump waiting with the same medication that can automatically take over.


  • Self-testing. The arcomed Chroma pumps perform self-testing and warn of any operational problem.


All these high-tech features allow us to offer hospitals fully safe infusion pumps, designed so that patient safety always comes first. All of this with Swiss precision and reliability that has distinguished us since 1974.