One of the great innovations that smart pumps bring is the possibility of including drug libraries stored in its memory.

A drug library is a list of drugs stored in the smart pump’s memory, being a key tool to prevent medication errors.

Each drug is set some parameters such as concentration, infusion rate and maximum and minimum dosages. For each parameter, maximum and minimum dosages can be set in two ways: “hard limits” (cannot go above that limit) and “soft limits” (the pump notifies when the limit is about to be reached, but they can go above it manually).

Creating a drug library for a smart pump

Creating the drug library for a smart pump is done by a multi-disciplinary team, involving professionals from different hospital departments, from the hospital pharmacy to the different departments where the pumps will be used.

Each department defines the drugs, whether they are the most used or the most ‘sensitive’, that they want to be included in the infusion pump’s libraries. Each hospital has its own protocols, whether for using different drugs or using different infusion concentrations, dosage or rates, therefore, the drug libraries are never the same in each hospital. So, they must be designed according to the needs of each hospital.

Drug libraries in arcomed smart pumps

In terms of working with drug libraries, the arcomed Chroma infusion pumps have several key advantages in the market:

  • Easy browsing. The use of icons instead of menus makes it possible to get to the specific drug you want quickly, easily and intuitively. Also, direct access can be added to the start screen for the most used functions, exactly the same as with apps on a smartphone.


  • Large colour touchscreen. arcomed Chroma pumps are known for having a large high-contrasting colour touchscreen, which shows the name of the drug, the concentration and other infusion parameters. This screen can be used with surgical gloves, even when wet.


  • Quick adaptation to each department A drug used in ICU is not the same as in the inpatient ward, or that the pump works in continuous infusion mode or in TCI mode. arcomed pumps make it possible to make these adjustments almost instantly.

The fact that it has a colour screen means that the arcomed Chroma smart pumps can use the colour-coded drug standards that allows, according to international rules and with the collaboration of the hospital pharmacy, to identify each drug or family of drugs with a colour code that appears both on the drug’s label after it is prepared in the pharmacy and on the infusion pump’s screen. This allows for very quick visual identification and prevents the wrong drug from being used due to an administrative error.

If smart pumps have meant a revolution in intravenous infusion therapy, at arcomed, as world leaders in infusion technology, we have taken it to the next level. Welcome to the future of infusion made a reality.