Technological advances are one of the engines powering innovation in health care and patient care in hospitals. It is increasingly common for high technology to be present in every department of a hospital, which means that it is now possible to provide solutions to medical problems which up until recently were either extremely complex or impossible to solve.

However, not all high-technology equipment is easy to operate. In many cases, hospitals are reluctant to implement this equipment given that it implies a significant learning process on the part of the staff operating the equipment, and is therefore something that requires time and training. All of this implies extra costs for hospitals, in an environment in which resources are limited and time is extremely precious.

Within the area of infusion technology, modern pumps offer many benefits but they are not always designed to be convenient and easy to operate.

What benefits do arcomed pumps provide in terms of ease of operation?

At arcomed, as a company which is exclusively devoted to infusion technology, we have always worked shoulder to shoulder with health care professionals in order to respond to their requirements. We know that ease of operation in infusion devices is one of these requirements.

arcomed pumps have been designed with health care professionals, as well as patients, in mind. First of all, they are much smaller than is usual for most other infusion pumps on the market, and they incorporate a handle which enables them to be easily moved from one place to another.

Given that our All-In-OneCONCEPT™ allows the use of the same type of pump in different departments of a hospital, this already implies a saving in terms of complexity, since it means that it is not necessary to change the pump when the patient moves from one area to another. The same pump used in the operating theatre can be used in recovery, ICU, Accident and Emergency, hospitalisation and other areas.

In addition, this implies a saving in fungible material, on account of not having to continuously change infusion lines.

However, the most important feature of arcomed pumps, in terms of ease of operation, is their large touch screen and user-friendly interface which is based on the use of icons, making the reprogramming of the pump extremely simple and intuitive.

This results in two key advantages: on the one hand, it leads to a reduction in learning and operating times, which will be lesser when the operation of the pump is more intuitive, and on the other hand it also leads to a minimisation of errors in medication, thanks to our colour-coded drug identification systems and the incorporation of pre-programmed infusion standards in accordance with the requirements of each client. This means that we are able to provide a product which is truly tailored to unique client requirements.

Ease of use, safety for the patient, comfort and innovation are our raison d’être. At arcomed we have truly reinvented the concept of infusion.