Although infusion pumps are a medical device currently present in every area of any hospital, this has not always been the case. This technology is relatively new.

It wasn’t until the early 1970s that the first devices that we could call “portable infusion pumps” appeared. Similar devices had previously existed, but these devices were fixed, large and of little use, usually restricted to only a few operating rooms.

These early infusion pumps, among which we are proud to report include the first pump developed by arcomed in 1974, were electromechanical devices whose purpose was to ensure a constant flow of predetermined infusion and, at best, to sound an alarm if the process was interrupted. The handling unit of that devices was drops/min instead of current ml./min.

The evolution of technology and the introduction of electronics allowed infusion pumps to reduce their size and improve their performance; they were no longer only continuous infusion devices, but could detect air bubbles and provide medication boluses.  

The second generation of infusion pumps

The incorporation of microprocessors and the development of specific software have enabled modern infusion pumps to be much more versatile and to offer a wide variety of benefits. Today, the most advanced infusion pumps such as the Chroma pumps by arcomed are high-tech devices capable of incorporate pharmacokinetic models in the case of target controlled infusion protocols (TCI).

In addition, the most advanced infusion pumps have complete drug libraries, which help to prevent erroneous programming, since the pump can be programmed with each drug’s maximum and minimum infusion limits.

arcomed’s Chroma series pumps can communicate with each other wirelessly, meaning that they can share patients parameters  or infusion with two pumps working in relieve mode, while they allow the download of all parameters in the patient data monitoring system.

One key breakthrough in which arcomed is a leader is the prevention of medication errors. To do this, the identification of the drug by bar code and the application of international color identification standards make it possible to ensure that the correct patient is receiving the correct medication with the correct dose. This is a fundamental breakthrough for reducing errors in drug administration, which in some cases can endanger the patient’s life.

The future that is already here: Standardization and the All-In-One.

Technological development and research in collaboration with clinical professionals has enabled arcomed to present a true revolution in infusion technology: the All-In-OneCONCEPT™ with just two pump models (volumetric and syringe), which can cover all the infusion needs in the different areas of a hospital, so that it is the pump that “follows” the patient as they pass through the different areas (Emergency, ICU, operating room, hospitalization, delivery room, resuscitation…). A single model for everything, which allows for significant time savings, facilitating the clinical staff’s training who has to handle the pump, and allowing for economies of scale in maintenance in addition to reducing the number of pumps that the hospital should have available.

At arcomed we continue to conduct research in order to take hospitals to the next level. We make progress to ensure safety, comfort and cost savings. Welcome to the world of arcomed. Welcome to the future.