Reducing costs in a hospital is a long term plan in which all departments are involved.  The quality of patient care, the availability of new drugs and treatments, the pressure to attend to emergencies and the incorporation of new technology in diagnosis and treatments are factors that tend to substantially increase the costs, both in medication and technology as well as overall staff and maintenance costs.

But resources are limited, so hospitals have to find cost-effective solutions to overcome this challenge, which affects all hospitals, regardless of their location and ownership.

Can cutting-edge technology help to reduce costs when improving services and safety for patients? At arcomed we have been working side by side with hospital professionals for years, and we have developed solutions within the field of infusion technology.

arcomed technological milestones that help to balance costs


One of the biggest problems that hospitals have to face with infusion pumps is technological dispersion. Often in a hospital there are infusion pumps from different manufacturers, with different services and technologies, some very simple for basic uses and others highly complex for specific uses (surgery, ICU, delivery room, neonatal, enteral nutrition, intravenous therapy, MRI, etc.). All this means different menus, interfaces, functions, etc. factors that force the hospital to have a host of pumps greater than required in order to meet peak demands.

Standardisation helps to significantly reduce the different infusion pump models to just 3: volumetric, syringe and enteral nutrition. Instead of it being the hospital that has to adapt to the characteristics of each pump, the arcomed infusion pumps adapt to the most demanding uses required in the different hospital departments.

This is something that other industries have already been doing for a long time. For example, airlines often use plane models from the same manufacturer, as both maintenance and training pilots and technicians is much easier, as well as the additional benefits from economies of scale (with a larger order, it is more possible to negotiate prices).


To make standardisation a reality in hospitals, the arcomed infusion pumps follow the All-in-one concept: One pump that can be easily reconfigured, even automatically, to adapt to different uses in different hospital departments. This means that training the staff that have to use them is easier (something that is even easier thanks to an intuitive icons-based interface). Because of this, the same pump model can be used in hospitalisation, ICU, surgery, resuscitation, etc. and the pump will automatically change its configuration to how the user wants it (types of syringe, drug library, direct access, occlusion limits, alarms, default configuration, etc.) even in more complex applications such as different type of pharmacokinetics models for  TCI/TIVA or PCA modes.

Colour touchscreen and icon-based interface

The Chroma arcomed infusion pumps use a large, high visibility and colour touchscreen. They can also be used with surgical gloves, even if they are wet.

The ease of use is one of the main principles we value when designing our pumps. Saving time in using and starting infusion, as well as being crucial in some hospital departments such as ICU or surgery, also saves costs.

Also, this same ease of use helps to decrease learning time. Standardisation also helps to reduce these times, as it is not necessary for staff to learn how to use many different pump models, which means greater efficiency and less possibility of errors.

Less pumps for the same job

Let’s see a real example: A medium-sized hospital in  regular conditions requires 220 pumps, from 3 different manufacturers and 15 different models to cover all their needs.

With the arcomed Chroma pumps and the All-In-One philosophy, we can guarantee the same level of availability  with only 165 pumps of just two types (volumetric and syringe). This means a significant reduction of maintenance costs, required space to store the pumps and their consumables, greater agility when moving pumps from one hospital department to another according to needs and a significant saving thanks to the economy of scale (as all the consumables can be requested to just one manufacturer, which means higher volumes). It is, therefore, an investment that starts to generate savings in costs from day one.

At arcomed we work with clinical professionals from each hospital to satisfy both their needs and those of the patients, with the maximum guarantees of quality, safety and reliability. This is why we are the leading international company in infusion technology.