Intravenous infusion pumps are an essential in any hospital, as they are used in practically all departments. This means the devices are subject to significant wear and tear. And technological advances mean many models are now obsolete. A moment comes when, whether due to an increased care load or due to the two factors previously mentioned, a hospital has to think about renewing its fleet of infusion pumps.

In many cases a partial renewal is chosen. New pumps are ordered according to the needs posed by the different clinical departments. Choosing these new pumps is key so that the hospital saves time and money.

Obviously, each department needs a pump that suits the requirements according to how it will be used: the surgical department has certain needs (having pharmacokinetic models to operate in TCI mode, for example) that the ICU does not have (where immediate, easy use and quick start infusion is a priority) or the neonatal department (where pumps must be precise and allow very exact dosage adjustments).

Until very recently, this meant purchasing different pumps, often from different manufacturers. This dispersion gives way to five key problems:

  • The infusion pumps of a specific department are not used in a different department.
  • The fleet of pumps has to be big, as reserve pumps are needed for each model in order to cover peaks in demand or possible malfunctions.
  • Maintenance costs and the space needed for storage is much more.
  • The clinical staff have to be trained in how to use each pump model or know how the infusion pumps of their department works, but not those in other departments.
  • Every pump requires a specific kind of consumables, so the hospital needs to have in storage multiple references, which is unnecessary.

The arcomed solution for infusion pumps: All in One.

At arcomed we have been dedicated to manufacturing intravenous infusion pumps for decades. And we have always done so by working closely with clinical professionals, who are ultimately those who have to use them. Aware of the problems mentioned, we have made a great technological effort to offer hospitals a great leap forward in terms of infusion pumps: our “All in One” philosophy.

The arcomed Chroma infusion pumps can carry out all the functions required in a hospital with just two models: a volumetric and a syringe pump. They are also easy to use thanks to its colour touchscreen that can even be used with gloves, even when wet. Changing the operating mode is as easy as touching an icon with a finger, exactly the same as on a smartphone.

What does this philosophy mean for hospitals? Choosing arcomed pumps means fewer pumps are needed, as they meet the needs of any hospital department. Fewer pumps can do the same job, with the advantage of less maintenance costs, storage space and time to train staff. Also, they save in expendable materials, as it is not necessary to change the pump when the patient moves from one department to another. All this incorporating the latest technological advances in medication error reduction systems, pharmacokinetics models, drug libraries, etc.

arcomed is offering for infusion pumps the same thing that other medical technologies are already doing: standardisation. Standardising saves costs. Why not do it with infusion pumps, if they are one of the most used devices in hospitals?