The development of hyperbaric medicine and its applications in many different fields of medicine have meant that there is an increasingly high demand for this type of treatment. This means that more and more hospitals now provide hyperbaric chambers.

A high-pressure environment presents an extreme challenge for an infusion pump. The changes in pressure in the compression and decompression stages can cause significant changes in the operation of traditional infusion pumps, both syringe and volumetric, which can lead to infusion being interrupted or conducted with incorrect volumes of medication, compromising the safety of the patient.

Given that in many cases hyperbaric chambers are used with critical patients (for example, those that have lost large volumes of blood), the challenge is even greater, because the administration of vasoactive or sedative medication can lead to haemodynamic instability in these critical patients.

Hyperbaric Chroma: Simplicity and safety in hyperbaric medicine

At arcomed we have developed a pump within our Chroma series which has been specially designed to work in high-pressure environments. Using this pump guarantees a high-precision drug administration in such a highly exigent environments like hyperbaric ones.

Hyperbaric Chroma features a system which allows the adjustment of the occlusion limit ofthe infusion, automatically calculating doses in accordance with the medication prescribed, in addition to having a system for reducing errors in dosage.

Hyperbaric Chroma pumps are able to automatically reduce medication boluses in the event of an occlusion, in addition to featuring the characteristics that have placed the arcomed Chroma Series on the front line of infusion technology:

  • Large, high-contrast colour touch screen which can easily be read from a distance..
  • Bi-directional connection with the PDMS system of the hospital.
  • Intuitive icon-based operation. Instead of having to navigate through menus to find the required function, it is only necessary to touch and react: something of crucial importance for patients in a critical condition, for whom time is gold..
  • Colour-coding of medication according to international standards, helping to prevent errors in medication and providing an extra safety guarantee for the patient. .
  • Library of medication and infusion protocols..
  • Reduced size and incorporated handle, facilitating operation and transportation..
  • Quality 100% designed and manufactured in Switzerland..

All of these features make Hyperbaric Chroma pumps the best option for safe infusion in hyperbaric environments.