Surgery is a complex environment and, in most cases, stressful for the professionals working in it. Surgical operations can be very long and complex procedures (think about a transplant, for example) that put all health professionals under a lot of pressure, as the life of the person being operated on is at stake. Infusion pumps in surgery play an essential role in the technology that a surgical operation involves, especially in the induction and maintenance of total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA), but also in administering the medication needed for the patient during surgery.

Smart pumps have meant a major leap forward in surgery infusion technology, providing functions and tools that were little more than science fiction a few years ago. Thanks to TCI pharmacokinetics models it is no longer necessary for the anaesthetist to make complicated calculations to adjust the doses of the drugs they are using at each moment, as the pump itself will do this.

However, advanced technology is not always easy to use. Many infusion pumps on the market require long learning processes and are not very intuitive in their use, something that becomes more complicated when using different models from different manufacturers.

The arcomed solution for infusion in surgery: Cutting-edge technology combined with maximum ease of use.

At arcomed we have been working closely with health professionals in hospitals from all over the world for decades. We are a global company exclusively dedicated to infusion technology, and we know that there is no one better than the user of our pumps to help us in making them better, more efficient and useful each day. We listen to demands from doctors and nursing staff and we incorporate their suggestions into our products.

The arcomed Chroma series is a great example of the effectiveness of this collaboration. Wireless communication between pumps means that you do not have to enter again the patient’s biometric data (for example, body mass index, age, weight, etc.) when two pumps are working together for the same patient as well as doing away with connection cables. We have added more advanced TCI pharmacokinetics models, some of which are exclusive such as the Cortínez-Sepúlveda model for using propofol in obese patients.

At the same time, we know that complex environments such as infusion in surgery require simple solutions that save time and make the job easier. Our Chroma pumps have a large high-contrasting colour touchscreen which enables visibility. These screens have been designed to be used with surgical gloves, even when wet. We have also replaced the traditional navigation system with menus. Replacing a system with slow handling with a system based on icons with a customisable start screen, exactly the same as on a smartphone or tablet. This allows you to save a considerable amount of time, as you can activate the desired function with just one touch of the finger. It’s that simple.

Also, syringe pumps incorporate quick start and load systems, which allow two pumps to be programmed in “relay mode” so that the patient never stops receiving the drug (one pump takes over when the syringe of the other has run out).

All of these advances in infusion in surgery are a result of our continuous investment in research and development, always alongside the professionals that use them. Simplicity, precision and technology 100% made in Switzerland. Welcome to the world of arcomed.