A lack of nutrients makes patients recovery harder and longer. Feeding patients with an infusion pump, who for any reason can not eat food in the normal way, is the most efficient and satisfactory solution for their health.

Enteral nutrition is a technique using a probe that goes from the mouth to the stomach to feed patients who cannot ingest food themselves. Today it is known that a lack of nutrients in the body makes a patients recovery slower and more difficult, so the prevention of these dietary deficiencies reduces the risk of clinical complications.

Unfortunately, most seriously ill patients are unable to feed themselves, therefore, nutritional therapy must be administered intravenously (parenteral) or enterally. The latter brings specific nutrients to the intestine, is less expensive, and less complex to handle. Enteral nutrition is safer, ensuring patient received the required nutrients and reduces the risk of complications associated with other therapies.

According to the Andalusian Health Department, “nutrition through a tube can be given either continuously or intermittently depending of the previous nutritional condition of the patient, the days of fasting, the infusion location, the formula adopted, the volumes administered, the velocity of infusion, the type of tube used, and the foreseeable time frame”.

Choosing the format of the enteral nutrition will depend on the diagnosis and the expected time the treatment will last

1. Syringe: Enteral nutrition with a syringe is currently the least used format because it requires further attention from the nursing team and because of patients swallowing difficulties.

2. Gravity feed: Gravity feeding uses a drip, although the nutrition can get obstructed in the tubing if the infusion goes too slow and can causes intolerances if infused too fast.

3. Infusion pump: Administration with infusion pump allows control of the infusion flow rate of the nutrients with precision; hence, it is useful when large amounts of food or dense formulas are administered with very fine tubes. Currently, this technique is considered the most suitable for patients with digestive pathologies as well as better tolerated in all kinds of situations.

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