Arcomed is proud to offer a wide selection of high quality IV consuma-bles for standard and highly specialized infusion applications. All infu-sion systems are guaranteed to be made of the best quality materials, ensuring the highest levels of safety and comfort for patient and health-care professionals. Our products are designed in close cooperation with our customers, covering individual needs in different areas of the
hospital.The tubing of different materials – PVC, silicone, polyethylene PE and polypropylene PP – and all the components are carefully selected, utilizing our years of experience and customer feedback and offering simply the best quality infusion system on the market today.Discover all the accessories and infusion solutions at arcomed: our goal is to provide the best infusion technology on the market.


Protect your patients & the environment


  • Environmental
  • Sorbtion
  • Plasticisers

Carbon dioxide Water

Infusión intravenosa en UCI

Arcomed’s PP line concept offers a Polypropelene-based solution for consumables which avoids many environmental issues such as toxic waste through the incineration process. It is also the least susceptible plastic to mismedication due to sorbtion or problems caused by plasti-cisers.

Sorbtion – or how to achieve total dose delivery.

As a drug flows through the tubing, the active molecules adsorb (stick) to the inside of the tubing, reducing the effectivness of the drug.

Source: Diazepam sorption to PVC- and non-plastic-based tubes in administration sets with quantitative determination using a high-performance liquid chromatographic method.dpf.

IV Sets

Arcomed offers a complete portfolio of Volumed DEHP-free PVC and silicon infusion sets for the administration of medication via gravity and infusion pump, including high-precision DEHP-free PVC tubing (TOTM) or silicon to ensure high performance in all applications. All sets include vented drip chambers with 15μm fluid filter, Luer Lock connections and Robson Clamp providing additional safety to prevent free-flow situations.

Specific sets for blood transfusion, oncology treatments, or enteral infusions are also available, fulfilling all user needs within a hospital.