There are few medical device manufacturers in the world who are able to create innovative products to revolutionize work in hospitals. arcomed is one of them.

Here at arcomed, the most prestigious infusion technology supplier, we are constantly accepting new challenges to improve global health. With over 40 years’ experience designing and innovating medical devices, our Swiss company is committed to continuous development in order to improve work in hospitals, increase patient safety and reduce medical costs.

Innovation drives the arcomed team. Every day we work to improve the use of infusion in clinical practice. Our involvement to healthcare professionals has led us come up with innovative and effective solutions. From our offices in Switzerland, we develop high-end products, aimed at solving the problems that arise in the hospital work flow.

So why are we leading global technology? We are a Swiss company, supported by a long history and which invests in innovation for development. Here are some of the milestones we have achieved and which have revolutionized the field of infusion pumps.

Milestones we have achieved


1. Chroma Series: The recent launch of this range of volumetric and syringe pumps has set a new standard in the field of infusion. arcomed offers the first pump with a colour touch screen, providing both the user and the patient with the highest safety and quality standards.

2. Drug Colour Coding: We are the first and only pump manufacturer on the market to include advanced systems like drug colour coding for infusion error reduction. This system combines the name of the drug with a colour background to ensure better identification of the five “Rs” (right medication, right dose, right patient, right time, right route).

3. All-in-OneCONCEPT™: arcomed has developed the All-in-OneCONCEPT™ to adapt the same device to different areas of the hospital. Our pumps allow automated profile changes, thereby adjusting all internal configuration and operational modes (type of syringes, drug library, alarms, occlusion boundaries, default settings) in accordance with the preferences of each department.

The All-in-OneCONCEPT™ allows professionals to meet their needs with fewer infusion pumps, thereby reducing costs by standardizing supplies (fewer pump manufacturers and fewer pump types within the hospital) and, in turn, saving more space.

4. Research & development: All activities related to the R&D department are carried out internally to ensure the highest possible level of functionality, quality, and user-friendliness. We continually invest in R&D, and as a result, we have one of the highest rates of R&D investment/turnover in the industry.

We have always been and continue to be a supplier that caters to the needs of our customers, listening to demands required by hospital professionals. Thanks to our flexibility and responsiveness to customer requests we have achieved recognized prestige.

The two-way communication that we promote with our customers is the key that enables arcomed to develop new and innovative solutions. We therefore invite everyone, across all departments, to share their ideas and contribute to greater and better progress. Because the best solution comes from teamwork, which is the same as strength in numbers.