Intravenous infusion pumps can be found in practically all areas of a hospital, although their uses and particularities may be different. These areas obviously also include the surgical wing.

In addition to the total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA) procedures, in which the pumps operate in mode of dosage in µg/kg/min or mg/kg/h, or TCI mode (target-controlled-infusion), during a surgical procedure it is common for the patient to receive other intravenous medications, either derived from the very nature of the operation itself (for example, electrolytes to keep the right fluid balance or medication to control vital signs and keep the patient stabilised during the operation) or from the additional pathologies that the patient may present and which require a continuous and non-interrupted infusion even during the surgical procedure. In addition, in certain cases the anaesthesia team may require the manual infusion of boluses if hemodynamic complications occur.

In a traditional scheme with multiple pumps from different manufacturers for different functions, this means that there needs to be a significant number of pumps prepared for every need in the operating room itself or in the near vicinity.

In the case of arcomed infusion pumps, our advanced technology and our All-In-One philosophy can make things much easier.

What advantages does arcomed offer in intraoperative intravenous infusion?

When a patient undergoes a surgical operation and a complication arises that requires an intravenous infusion, time is a determining factor. In this sense, arcomed chroma infusion pumps offer significant advantages that result in time savings:

  • Touch screen with icon navigation instead of menus, with the ability to establish shortcuts to the most frequently-used functions. You can open the desired function with just one touch.
  • The touch screens on the Chroma pumps are designed to be used with gloves, even if they are wet.
  • Quick start of the infusion, with automatic recognition of the brand and size of the syringe (in the case of syringe pumps).
  • Drug libraries, easily accessible through icons and with the possibility of having safety limits.
  • Wireless communication between pumps, which allows the patient’s physical parameters to be entered just one time.
  • Quick selection of clinical area profile. With just one touch, the pump can switch between intravenous infusion modes if necessary.
  • Relay mode. Wireless communication allows two pumps to alternate in “relay mode”, so that when the medication is running out in one of them, the other automatically takes over and there is no interruption in the administration of drugs to the patient.

In addition, the versatility of the arcomed pumps means you no longer need to have a large number of stand-by pumps. A volumetric pump and a syringe pump can perform any function that is required, quickly and safely.

At arcomed, we’re firmly committed to simplicity. We believe that technology should not make things any more complicated or slower, but just the opposite. And our Chroma pumps are tangible proof of this philosophy.