The consumable material used in infusion medication is, in reality, the guiding line carrying medication from the bottle or syringe into the organism of the patient. This means that guaranteeing maximum quality in consumable material is a fundamental element of infusion technology.

At arcomed, we design the consumable material for our infusion pumps with the highest quality standards in materials, designed to minimise the risk of bacterial infections and the effect that their disposal has on the environment. Manufactured from premium-quality DEHP-free PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene or silicone, all consumable materials and accessories for arcomed infusion pumps have been designed to provide the highest guarantees of safety for patients and nursing staff, at the same time as ensuring the maximum level of respect for the environment, both during the manufacturing process and at the time of the materials’ disposal.

Solutions for every necessity

At arcomed, we provide an extremely broad catalogue of consumable materials for our infusion pumps (both volumetric pumps and syringe pumps). These are designed to cover a wide range of infusion requirements, such as oncology treatment or parenteral or enteral nutrition infusions.

In addition to this, our All-In-OneCONCEPT™ philosophy, which cuts down considerably on the number of different infusion pumps that are used on the same patient, allows us to minimise changes of infusion channels and lines, meaning that it is possible to mobilise a patient within the different areas of a hospital without having to change the pump. This minimises the handling of lines and, therefore, their consumption.

Furthermore, reducing the number of suppliers, and therefore increasing the size of orders, means that it is possible to apply economies of scale which provide important savings on money spent on consumable material.

Request our catalogue of consumable material for our infusion pumps, and discover the world of solutions that arcomed provides.