Getting patients on their feet, unless otherwise recommend by the doctor, is a key element of recovery during hospital stays. In many trauma operations, such as hip replacements, the patient’s path to getting back on their feet begins in the operating theatre itself.

As well as being part of the physical recovery, being mobile has a significant psychological impact on the patient. Long periods spent in hospital are much more bearable if the patient can get up and walk around, whether in their own room or elsewhere, if possible. Additionally, it prevents complications brought on by long periods without moving, especially in the circulatory system, and also stimulates the production of endorphins which improve the patient’s mood. Therefore, doctors encourage patients to be mobile as soon as their health allows.

Furthermore, leaving their room is relaxing for patients if they are sharing a room with other patients, who are also often accompanied by family members. For many patients, being in a room with strangers is a stressful experience.

Arcomed Chroma pumps and patient mobility

A patient receiving medication intravenously, which almost every patient in hospital does, via an infusion pump may face problems with their mobility, especially if the pump used is obsolete. The weight, size, and limited portability of these products may be an obstacle to patients getting back on their feet.

Arcomed Chroma infusion pumps have been designed with this in mind. The compact size and light weight of these pumps allow them to be placed on a drip stand for ease of movement, which is also boosted by a convenient handle.

There are two basic features of the arcomed Chroma pumps that help patients be mobile: their extensive autonomy supplied by its batteries, up to 10 hours, and the ability to easily change from one clinical unit to another. The need to carry out diagnostic tests, move from the ICU to a general ward, postoperative recovery in a general ward or in the ICU and so forth is another aspect of patient recovery. In these cases, there’s no need to change pump as arcomed Chroma pumps can perform all the necessary tasks of an infusion pump in a hospital. A single pump is able to follow the patient throughout their stay in hospital, no matter what unit they are in.

At arcomed, as manufactures working solely on infusion technology, we are continuously researching and developing new technology without ever losing sight of our core value: patient safety and comfort.

Welcome to the world of arcomed. Tomorrow’s infusions, today.