Guaranteeing the safety of patients is the most important objective of any hospital. This is an environment in which any error can have extremely serious consequences on the hospitalised patient. In fact, in the United States medication errors are the third leading cause of death in the population, after cardiovascular disease, accidents and cerebrovascular accidents.

For this reason, it is crucial that patients always receive the medication that they need, following a standard which we have named “The Five Cs”: Correct patient, correct medication, correct dosage, correct time, correct method.

UniQueCONCEPT™: A revolutionary Infusion Data Management System (IDMS)

A crucial factor in patient safety, following the previously-mentioned principle, is having centralised access to infusion data in real time, so that staff responsible for control in, for example, an ICU are capable of knowing what medication each patient is receiving at all times as well as knowing whether there are any alarms which must be attended to immediately.

For this purpose, we have developed UniQueCONCEPT™, a bidirectional infusion data management system (IDMS) which grants access to all of the data from the different pumps from one control point. arcomed pumps are not only capable of providing remote information: they can also receive information in the same way. All of this takes place in a streamlined manner and in real time, avoiding waiting periods and displacements which rob valuable time in the life of a patient in critical condition.

The availability of centralised data enables rapid decision-making and rapid execution of decisions at times when every second counts.

Closed Loop of Medication: Decreased errors, increased security

Reducing medication errors is another critical factor in hospital management. Since errors are capable of claiming lives, minimising them is essential. Minimising errors also provides greater legal protection for the hospital and its staff.

The solution is to use a Closed Loop of Medication which uses the latest technology to allow maximum control over the medication administered to each patient. This closed loop is based on the following principles:

  • Electronic prescription from the doctor, complying with the Five Cs criteria.
  • Generation of bar codes and colour-coded labelling in the preparation of the medication.
  • Preparation of the pump and automated pre-configuration of the infusion in accordance with the labelling.
  • Visual control of the medication bag, syringe and pump. Staff must ensure that the Five Cs specified on the doctor’s prescription are complied with.
  • Manual initiation of infusion..

All of this can be monitored using the IDMS, making sure that there are no errors at all times.

At arcomed, we have spent decades devoting ourselves entirely to infusion technology. As leaders in this field, we know that patient safety comes above all. For this same reason, we work continuously to offer hospitals cutting-edge technology which provides peace of mind for both patients and the staff tasked with treating and caring for them.