Infusion pumps are one of the most widely-used, if not the most widely-used, devices in any hospital. The usual starting point is that there will normally be up to many types of infusion pumps depending on the requirements of each area of a hospital. These different types of pump are also made by different manufacturers. This situation forces an average hospital to hold a reserve of pumps from each manufacturer, in order to cope with peak demand periods and possible breakdowns. All of these factors bring the number of pumps required.

Greater simplicity = reduced cost

This variety of pumps and manufacturers has a negative effect on the running costs of a hospital because it means that it is necessary to have more pump units on reserve, maintenance costs are higher and it is difficult to apply economies of scale when acquiring new equipment, since these are renewed as required by each area of the hospital, and only a small number of units are acquired from each different manufacturer.

At arcomed, we have spent decades devoting ourselves entirely to infusion technology, and our continuous contact with health care professionals and hospital managers has enabled us to develop a concept which we have named Pump Pooling System (PPS). This system allows us to considerably reduce costs to time, increasing the efficiency of staff and the comfort and security of patients. It’s no coincidence that we are pioneers in innovative technology within the field of infusion.

The key concept of PPS is the unification of infusion pumps thanks to our All-In-OneCONCEPT™, which enables the same infusion pump to be configured for multiple different uses in a simple and intuitive way, on account of its large touch screen and its icon-based interface.

How does PPS help to reduce costs in hospitals?

  • By reducing the number of pumps required. A hospital with 220 pumps from various different manufacturers can carry out the same functions using only 165 arcomed pumps. Those are real data from a Swiss hospital where arcomed PPS has been already implemented.
  • By reducing the different types of pump from 15 to only 2.
  • By simplifying the learning process of the health care workers handling the pumps. This is due to the fact that they only have to familiarise themselves with 2 types of pump, which in addition are extremely simple to use and easy to reconfigure.
  • By applying economies of scale, making it possible to make larger orders in terms of both pumps and consumables with one unique supplier.
  • By simplifying and reducing the cost of maintenance..
  • By improving patient safety and reducing errors in medication: this is one of the key concepts in the design of arcomed pumps.

At arcomed, we are aware that health care resources are not unlimited. Our experience and collaborative work with teams from each hospital allow us to offer infusion systems at the cutting edge of technology, which allow for the application of the latest infusion techniques (TCI/TIVA, PCA, PCEA, PCS, PIEB, bolus tocolysis and more). This provides the maximum safety and guarantee of quality that are what define us. All of our pumps are designed and manufactured in Switzerland and comply with the strictest standards and regulations of quality and safety.

If you would like to know more about our Pump Pooling System, please see the more extensive report available on our web page.