Although infusion pumps are a medical device that is generally used in every area of the hospital, they are not all easy to handle and program. This is especially important for patients admitted at the ICU or attended in the Emergency services, where a vital risk to the patient may exist. In these cases, every second saved is fundamental to start treatement as soon as possible.

In many cases, using an infusion pump may be complex and slow: needing to navigate through menus until reaching the desired selection, small monochromatic screens that are barely legible… All of this causes an increase in the time from when the decision is made until the effective start of infusion.

At arcomed, we are aware that time saved, both in urgent situations as well as those to speed up staff who work in the care of patients, is a key factor. This is why, as a result of our close collaboration with our clients, arcomed pumps have been thought up to save time when using them.

Start up in three steps: Increasing efficiency and the safety of the patient.

arcomed pumps come with a color touch screen that is larger than most pumps that are on the market. It operates with the use of icons, with a personalizable desktop so you can have faster access to the most common operations, thus reducing wait time. Now you don’t have to search, just touch and act.

In addition to reducing errors in stressful situations when the patient’s life may be at risk, this feature of arcomed pumps increases the efficiency of workflow. Greater efficiency, in less time.

Once the prescription is received from the doctor, infusion starts with the arcomed pump in three simple steps:

  • Loading of syringe or infusion system previously purged, or purged through the pump once it is loaded..
  • Selection of infusion flow..
  • Manual start of infusion. Touch and act!.

Additionally, arcomed pumps have been through up to guarantee safety during each one of the steps so as to minimize errors: Different icon colors, information that is legible at a distance so what drug is being infused at all times or medical codes with colors according to international standards are some of the added security features that are incorporated into our pumps, which make it easy to use, simple to handle, faster and more secure.

Welcome to the new era of infusion technology. Welcome to the world of arcomed.