A fundamental characteristic that an infusion pump must have is its ease of transport and handling, in addition to its robustness. These are medical devices subject to intensive, continuous movement within a hospital, meaning they must be able to be handled comfortably.

arcomed’s Chroma series pumps, both volumetric and syringe, have a built-in handle in addition to having a smaller size than other pumps on the market, without this affecting their advanced features; in fact, they have a high contrast color touch screen that is 2.6 times larger than standard pump screens.

Another factor to consider is that the arcomed syringe and volumetric pumps are the same size, which is important as it facilitates the possible stacking of several pumps in patients who are receiving different intravenous drugs at the same time.

UniQueDOC™: Stacking pumps has never been as simple

As a result of our extensive experience in the market, our specialization in infusion technology and our teamwork with health professionals, we know that stacking pumps for polymedicated patients is a common requirement in the hospital, especially in areas like ICU or postoperative care, although it can be needed for any hospitalized patient.

Different medications, different infusion protocols, different doses… In treatments that are already complex as is, arcomed offers a revolution: identical pumps.

In addition, we have developed a stacking system designed to maximize space while facilitating the stacking of pumps: UniQueDOC™.

This system, available in modules with a capacity of 2 to 8 pumps, allows for the stacking of volumetric and syringe pumps interchangeably, in an easy and safe way thanks to the safety loop and groove at the bottom of the pumps.

It can be mounted on infusion poles and in rail systems, and is easily transportable from one place to another, integrating an electric power supply that allows for the connection of several pumps to a single power outlet. It is also small in size and easy to clean.

UniQueDOC™ is the perfect accessory for arcomed infusion pumps, and one more factor that will place your hospital at the forefront of infusion technology.[:]