When talking about infusion pumps, size, weight and easy handling are key factors. Infusion pumps are not static devices: health professionals move them from place to place in the hospital according to where they are needed. When a patient is allowed to get up and move, they must do so together with the pump on a stand with wheels. All of these are more than enough reasons for us to design a light, small-sized, user-friendly pump that is easy to carry. We are talking about Chroma arcomed pumps.

Chroma arcomed pumps: Advanced technology in a compact design.

With dimensions of 24.5 x 9 x 18cm, both for the volumetric and syringe pumps, and weighing 2 and 2.4g respectively, the Chroma arcomed pumps have been a real design challenge for us.

At every moment we have relied on the opinion of health professionals who use them every day. We have listened to their suggestions and worked together as a team. As a result, the pumps have the following unique characteristics:

  • Carrying handle included for easy handling.
  • 39cm2 high-contrasting, coloured LCD touchscreen, in addition to two 6cm2 LED screens offering a total of 51cm2 of screens, the biggest in the market.
  • Touchscreen that can be used with surgical gloves, even when wet.
  • High autonomy: Up to 6 hours running time in the volumetric pumps and 10 hours in the syringe pumps.
  • Intuitive navigation using icons on the screen instead of navigating through dropdown menus.
  • Automatic syringe size and brand recognition (in syringe pumps).
  • Customisation according to each client’s needs: Drug library, TCI pharmacokinetics models, colour-coding of drugs, shortcuts to most used functions on start screen…

In addition to all this, it has the most advanced technological features in terms of operating modes (TCI, PCA, PCEA, PIEB, bolus tocolysis, relay mode), pumps can communicate with each other and with the hospital’s PDMS system, as well as having the most advanced security and error reduction systems, which for example, allow the pump to automatically react to a possible obstruction or perform operational tests by itself.

At arcomed we strongly believe in innovation as our driving force. That is why we are proud to offer hospitals the Chroma arcomed infusion pumps: the future of infusion made today. And this is just the beginning.