arcomed infusion pumps are multi-functional, suitable for any hospital area, and simple to use. Find out their benefits.

As Swiss army knives posses the means to save ourselves in different situations, as they can be used in any occasion and are easy to handle, the volumetric and syringe pumps by arcomed are equally defined under the all-in-one™ concept. In fact, these Swiss-made medical devices are based on three key principles which make them unique: Multi-functionality, adaptability, and simplicity.


Gaining first-hand knowledge of the true needs of hospitals, arcomed has designed a pump of the highest quality and equipped with the latest technology to respond to all hospital departments, taking into account that each hospital area has different infusion needs.

A single pump can be used in the operating room as TIVA or TCI pump, following the patient to the resuscitation room (PCA pump), or be used as a standard infusion pump at ICU and general ward. The multi-functionality of the volumetric and syringe pumps by arcomed allows for them to be programmed with several configurations and infusion profiles tailored to each user’s individual needs.

The all-in-one concept enables a department to have access only to the infusion models used by this service in each particular case. Thus, this helps to reduce human errors and provides a total satisfaction.


As the leading manufacturer of infusion technology, we know that each department in the hospital has different infusion needs.

The all-in-one philosophy simplifies the use of volumetric and syringe pumps at the same time as it releases the user from wasting time navigating between menus to select the function he wants to utilize among numerous options that he is not going to use ever since the pump can be adjusted to the needs of each service. For instance, they can be used as pumps for ICU, pumps for Neonatology, TIVA pumps, PCA pumps, or simply, as all-in-one pumps.
Additionally, being adapted to different zones and staff, they can lead to important savings in the running costs of a hospital. A health center will need up to 25% fewer arcomed pumps for covering the needs of the whole hospital compared to other manufacturers.


The day to day in hospitals, in emergencies – the speed of decision-making and the immediacy of healthcare professional action require user-friendly tools in their daily grind with which healthcare professionals feel comfortable and safe.

The All-in-OneConcept™ allows each department to only have access to those infusion models they use in the service, removing all the models that will not be utilized away of the pumps profile, thus making the experience easier and simpler for the clinical staff.

Although complex and sophisticated in their development, the arcomed pumps are intuitive to use,what represents a reduction of human errors during infusion in the long term, an increase of patient safety, and an enhancement of the professional’s effectiveness. This is due to the right machine and human hand can be the perfect tandem for clinical excellence.