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arcomed allows you to benefit today from the future of MRI imaging technology. We are the first and only pump manufacturer on the market to include advanced systems like Drug Color Coding  for drug error reduction.

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Reducing your costs:

The arcomed All-in-One philosophy allows you to meet all your infusion needs with fewer pump units. As long as all hospital departments (OR, ICU, general ward…) can share the same devices in terms of hardware, the pump can automatically change its configuration profile in order to behave in the manner expected by the user (syringe types, drug library, occlusion limits, alarms, default setup…).

All-in-One integration collateral benefit -> Minimization of your storage space:

The reduction of the hospital pump fleet from 220 to 165 units, from 3 different pump suppliers to just one, and from 15 different kind of pumps (with 15 different kind of disposables, 15 different sizes, 15 different menu interfaces…) means the hospital can minimize the space devoted to storing pumps while not in use.

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Bi-directional communication


  • Medical errors are the fourth-highest cause of death in the USA, after heart disease, cancer and stroke*.
  • Cost-effectiveness, usefulness, and efficiency should never be prioritized over safety.


  • Electronic prescription by a physician: the right patient, the right drug, the right dose, the right time and the right route.
  • Drug preparation (syringe/bag): color- and bar-code label.
  • Pump preparation: automated infusion pre-setting.
  • Visual syringe/bag and pump control: staff double check for the right patient, right drug, right time and right route.
  • Manual start of infusion.


  • Automated, accurate pump presetting.
  • PDMS/HIS bidirectional communication INCREASES SAFETY.
  • Central monitoring with all of the information needed for support of all clinical decisions.
  • Cost- and time-effectiveness.

*Leatherman, S. 2002: Quality of Health Care in the United States


A true all-in-one concept is a must in every hospital these days. It means a reduction of investment into your pump inventory

  • User training.
  • User infusion errors and increases.
  • Patient safety.
  • Staff efficiency.
  • Clinical excellence.
  • ICU.
  • Neonatal.
  • PCA / PCEA / PCS.
  • TCI / TIVA.
  • Enteral feeding.
  • Maternity.
  • PIEB.
  • MRI.
  • PDMS.