Tocolytic drugs are a category of medications used to suppress uterine contractions that could trigger premature labor.

The appearance of contractions in the uterus before the end of pregnancy is always a medical emergency that must be immediately treated in a hospital. This is especially important when contractions occur before the fetal viability limit (between 21 and 25 weeks of pregnancy) and, in all cases, urgent medical evaluation is recommended if contractions occur before 32 weeks of pregnancy.

When facing the threat of preterm birth, the physician will evaluate the situation and decide if it is necessary to proceed with tocolysis (suppression of contractions using medication). If so, this will be done though intravenous bolus infusion, generally using an infusion pump that is prepared to be used in these protocols.

Although there are numerous families of drugs with tocolytic effects, calcium channel blockers, including nifedipine, are the most used. In any case, the choice of the appropriate tocolytic drug depends on the physician’s judgment and the particular conditions of the patient.

Tocolytic bolus protocol

arcomed Chroma pumps are ready for the infusion of tocolytic boluses of the various drug options available, which can be stored in your drug library.

Generally, the bolus tocolysis protocol consists of two phases:

  1. Attack phase, in which the objective is to stop the uterine contractions that can lead to a preterm birth. It consists of the infusion of an initial dose bolus as ordered by the physician, and is usually performed in the same delivery room..
  2. Maintenance phase: Consists of the continuous infusion of a smaller dose of the tocolytic drug in order to prevent the reoccurrence of contractions. This phase may be prolonged as necessary at the discretion of the physician, and in many cases is accompanied by the prescription of total rest..

It is important to emphasize that this is an emergency case, in which the rapid start of the infusion characteristic of arcomed Chroma pumps can be a determining factor in ensuring success. Not losing time by navigating by menus, but rather simply touching and acting, is one of the great advantages of our pumps.