Although they may not make the headlines, medication errors cause more deaths each year than you might think.

A study conducted in 2008 (Pastó Cardona, L. et al. “Incident study of medication errors in drug use processes: prescription, transcription, validation, preparation, dispensing and administering in the hospital environment” [Article in Spanish] published in Farmacia Hospitalaria in 2009) put the number of medication errors at 16.94 per 100 patients/day, although in 84.4% of cases, the mistake was detected before reaching the patient. 0.5% of these errors ended up causing some kind of damage.

Other studies conducted in the United States show that medication errors are one of the leading causes of deaths, affecting thousands of patients each year.

Any medication errors generate additional pressure on healthcare workers, as well as increasing costs of a hospital.

At arcomed, we take this into account when developing our infusion pumps, designed to adhere to the “The Five Cs”: Correct patient, correct medication, correct dosage, correct time and correct method. This is intended to significantly reduce the likelihood of medication errors and ensure the safety of patients and the peace of mind of the workers who care for them.

UniQueCONCEPT™: The necessary information at the right time

UniQueCONCEPT™ is an Infusion Data Management System (IDMS) developed by arcomed, which allows the centralised management of infusion data from various pumps, wirelessly and from anywhere in the hospital.

It has a modular design that opens the access to a world of possibilities:

  • Centralised monitoring.
  • Centralised alarms.
  • Access control.
  • Prescription tool.
  • Barcode identification.
  • Library of drugs and their contraindications.
  • Event log and infusion history.
  • Record of consumables.
  • Pump traceability.

It is a revolutionary system that uses innovative technology, which allows the hospital not only to reduce the costs of any medication errors, but also streamline staff workflows.

The ease of use of arcomed’s pumps, which are equipped with a large colour touchscreen, combined with their flexible configuration for different hospital departments (meaning that the same pump can be used for different needs) are other features that help to reduce medication errors.

All designed to achieve the goal that underpins the philosophy of arcomed: to ensure the safety of the patient while they remain in the hospital.