A challenge for healthcare of the future will be to have the latest technology the efficient way. arcomed, Swiss manufacturer of infusion pumps, is a reliable partner for hospitals worldwide.

The world of medicine is constantly changing and progressing, requiring increasingly highly qualified personnel and more complex and sophisticated material. To reduce costs and solve daily health problems, hospitals need effective, safe, and the utmost trustworthy materials.

arcomed is one of the world’s most prestigious suppliers of infusion technology, not only for its long tradition, but for its Swiss heritage – the key in its success. We will explain

5 reasons why clients trust us

1. Swiss quality: All our infusion devices have been designed, developed, and produced in Switzerland. Every device is labeled “Made in Switzerland”, a seal of quality, precision, and reliability in our products.
Furthermore, arcomed is an independent company certified by the notified body of TÜV Munich (ISO 13485: 2003). Our central headquarters are in Regensdorf, Switzerland, and arcomedical Infusion, Ltd, subsidiary of the group, is located in Essex, United Kingdom.

2. Over 40 years of experience: Officially founded in 1974, arcomed developed one of the world’s first infusion pumps. Our aim is to create a high quality pump which will improve patients’ treatments, increasing safety in procedures, and simplifying workflows for the nursing staff. Since that first pump, arcomed has steadily moved forward and improved, adapting itself to the new medical demands.

3. Modern and user-friendly applications: Infusion devices are involved in up to 35% of all hospital medication errors. Alleviating these dangers requires having easy and intuitive handling pumps, such as arcomed pumps. After four decades of exclusive focus on infusion technology (and with the latest advances in biomedical engineering), our infusion pumps cover the most sophisticated needs for hospitals while maintaining the same external shape, interface, design, and operation for volumetric and syringe pumps.

4. Constant development: arcomed’s team has helped to define the market for infusion technology, constantly developing new technologies and setting new standards in the industry. We offer a whole range of volumetric and syringe pumps, as well as intravenous consumables. Our Research and Development Center made us to be at the forefront of the industry.

5. Products with multiple benefits: The arcomed pumps are renowned all over the world for its simple and user-friendly design (its specific features offer a constant improvement and sophisticated simplicity). Also, we have been pioneers in new developments in our industry, such as the UniQueCONCEPT™, allowing the implementation of a closed loop of medication which has raised safety and patient care standards.

We are committed to improving world health standards, and that is why we made up market products, with the latest technology, accessible to everyone. We listen to the needs of healthcare professionals, we attend to their expectations and we facilitate their work with more intuitive and efficient devices. Thus, we believe that any hospital, no matter where it is, should be able to have the latest and safest infusion technology. In arcomed We think globally, but, when selling, we manage the market from a local vision. Because we are Swiss Made.