At arcomed, we understand that standardisation is one of the key elements of cutting costs in hospitals. Decades of experience working shoulder to shoulder with hospital professionals and managers, coupled with the fact that we are one of the very few manufacturers in the entire world to be exclusively devoted to infusion systems, helps us to respond to our clients’ need to improve efficiency without compromising on the quality of care given.

Each department of a hospital has its own specific requirements in terms of infusion medication. The requirements of an operating theatre or oncology department bare little resemblance to those of an ICU or general hospital ward. At arcomed, we have worked hard to develop a revolutionary concept which we have named the All-In-OneCONCEPT™.

How is it possible to satisfy the requirements of different departments with the one device?

Our All-In-OneCONCEPT™ uses the most cutting-edge infusion technology to create a system which can be configured to measure, in accordance with the requirements of each hospital area without having to change either the equipment or the infusion consumables. This means that we can use the same type of infusion pump in any part of the hospital, because the pumps are completely programmable and configurable in accordance with the requirements and protocols of each service.

From advanced techniques in anaesthesia and analgesia such as PIEB in epidural analgesia to the special requirements of neonatology services, arcomed offers a range of solutions which allow hospitals to be on the front line of technology whilst also minimising costs.

What benefits does the All-In-OneCONCEPT™ bring to hospitals?

Firstly, it allows hospitals to do more, perform better, with less. There is no need to maintain an oversized infusion pump store to meet surges in demand, with different models from different manufacturers for each area of the hospital. arcomed pumps allow you to work with economies of scale, reducing the number of pumps required. This results in:

  • Reduced investment in the number of pumps.
  • Reduced maintenance costs.
  • Greater convenience for health care workers, who will not have to learn to handle different equipment made by different manufacturers (resulting in a reduced learning time).
  • One unique supplier for all infusion systems, leading to savings in consumables, syringes and other materials.
  • Greater versatility. Demand can be managed through moving pumps from one department to another to tackle surges or slack periods.
  • The pump “follows” the patient on their journey. The same pump can be used for anaesthesia in operating theatres, in recovery and as a standard infusion pump on wards, without any need to replace the infusion system after mobilising a patient.

arcomed’s Chroma series of infusion pumps are designed to be used as versatile multi-purpose pumps. Changing their programming is simple thanks to their large colour touch screen and their icon interface. Easy to handle, versatile and providing a significant reduction in costs: at arcomed we have reinvented the concept of infusion.