The arcomed All in One philosophy aims to optimise hospital resources in terms of intravenous infusion technology as well as offer a high range of services to healthcare professionals. What are we aiming for? Standardisation.

Standardisation is a growing trend in hospitals. In general, when a hospital has to invest in diagnostic or treatment technology it looks for multipurpose devices that can be used for patients with different kinds of illnesses. Robotic surgery is a good example. Even though some hospitals were pioneers in its incorporation, its uses were limited to certain specific operations. As this type of surgery develops techniques that can be used on a greater number of patients, hospitals are incorporating it more and more into its services portfolio.

In general, medical technology requires a training period which means an investment of additional resources. It is not just about the device you buy, but also the time the professionals that will be using it have to invest in learning about how it works.

Obviously, there are highly specialised technologies that in the cost/benefit equation are beneficial to the patient. But if we are talking about infusion pumps, we are talking about a device used in practically all areas of the hospital and by many patients.

arcomed All in One: standardising patient and hospital service

Let’s answer the title’s question. Does it make sense to have specialised infusion pumps in each hospital area? Let’s take a look at it from different viewpoints:

  1. Economical: Having a series of “general use” pumps with inferior features and others that are “specialised” for ICU, surgery and other areas forces the hospital to diversify its fleet of pumps as it has to have a reserve of each type of pump to tackle peaks in demand or maintenance needs. In the end this means higher costs in storage, purchasing (dividing between different manufacturers and models avoidds using economies of scale) and maintenance (each manufacturer has their own spare parts and maintenance procedures).
  2. Training: The greater the number of different models, the greater the amount of training needed for each one. This means a greater investment of time, which ultimately translates to additional costs.
  3. Assistance: An All in One pump such as arcomed Chroma pumps can be used in any hospital area and can be automatically reconfigured to work in different modes including TCI, PIEB, PCA, bolus tocolysis and relay (a pump takes over from another when the medication runs out, which means that the patient is never without medication at key moments). Apart from saving costs in the two points previously mentioned, it allows the patient to have the same pump around the different hospital areas. This means saving on expendables, as well as being ready for any eventuality that may occur with the patient, wherever they are, as changing the operation mode can be done using the simple interface with an icon-based, intuitive and colour touchscreen. There’s no need to search through menus to find the right function, you just have to touch the corresponding icon.

At arcomed we make a continuous effort in innovation, always working closely with clinical professionals so that our pumps meet all the necessary requirements, offer the greatest features with the best quality and at the same time achieve an important saving in costs for the hospital.