Infusion technology has experienced a huge leap over the last few years, which arcomed has contributed to in many aspects. Today, infusion pumps have been transformed into smartpumps with an array of functions, operating modes, safety systems, etc. At arcomed we have always prioritised ease of use, and the Chroma infusion pump with touchscreen is a good example of this.

Having a device with advanced functions means increasing its level of complexity.  This requires an additional effort of innovation and creativity so that its use remains simple, as if it is difficult to use this means investing more time, and for a hospital time is of the essence.

While other manufacturers cling to the classic navigation system using keyboards and menus, at arcomed we have chosen to incorporate proven, effective technology into our pumps that we are all used to using on a daily basis. The infusion pump with a colour touchscreen.

Can you imagine a smartphone without a touchscreen? Going back to navigating with menus and having to use a keyboard to navigate? 10 years ago this type of mobile phone was practically non-existent. Not because they were bad, but because there was a better and simpler alternative, that at the same time incorporated hundreds of complex functions through apps. And how do you access an app? By selecting an icon with your finger. This is the philosophy we have followed to create the infusion pump with touchscreen.

Infusion pump with touchscreen: It isn’t the future, it’s the present.

The concept of the arcomed infusion pump with touchscreen has been developed, like all our technology, by working closely with health professionals and listening to their demands and needs.  Let’s look at some important characteristics:

  • Large screen, larger than others on the market, which makes it easier to view.
  • High contrast so that the different colours can be clearly differentiated (something essential when codifying drugs by colour which our Chroma pumps incorporate).
  • Icon-based navigation. One touch is enough for it to get to work, no waiting while you navigate through menus to get to the function you wanted.
  • Easily customisable start screen with icons that give access to the functions you use the most.
  • Touchscreen that can be used with surgical gloves, even when wet.
  • Possibility to set shortcuts to directly access key functions: TCI, PCA, PIEB, drug library…

All of this, together with cutting-edge advanced technology developed and manufactured in Switzerland with the highest quality standards make the arcomed infusion pump with touchscreen a smart choice for any hospital.