When we talk about cutting-edge medical technology, we often think about complex devices that are hard to use and require a large amount of time for staff to adapt to and learn how to use them. In the case of arcomed infusion pumps, we have worked hard with clinical professionals to achieve what seemed impossible: a device with the most advanced technology that is easy and intuitive to use.

Time is golden in hospitals

Effectively, time is a key factor, both in caring for a patient who is in a critical or severe state, where every second counts, and from a financial perspective: staff resources are limited, therefore, the longer a person needs to get familiar with a device and learn how to use it, the more time we are taking away from their availability to attend to patients.

Something that occurs in many hospitals is disparity in technology, manufacturers and models of infusion pumps in each hospital department. We find that each department has “its” pump, configured to its specific needs, which means that if the patient, as is common, goes to a different department (emergencies, surgery, resuscitation, ICU, etc.) they will have to be disconnected and reconnected to different pumps. This means time is lost and a greater cost in expendable materials.

Also, the staff in charge of using the pumps may be familiar with some models but not with others, which makes mobility difficult between departments if needed, as they will have to learn how to use a pump model that is completely different to the one they are accustomed to using.

arcomed infusion pumps: All in One = saving time

When the arcomed Chroma infusion pumps were designed time was carefully taken into consideration. We understood that there was a demand for standardisation that was not being met by the market, which meant a huge technological and design challenge. And we succeeded. With just two pump models (volumetric and syringe), the arcomed Chroma infusion pumps can meet the needs of any hospital department, from the most simple to the most advanced: pharmacokinetics models, TCI, total intravenous anaesthesia (TIVA), PIEB epidural anaesthesia, patient-controlled analgesia (PCA), relay mode, bolus tocolysis, drug library, drugs identification by colour, wireless communication between pumps, connectivity with the hospital’s PDMS system, etc.

This means, as well as a saving in maintenance costs, expendables and economy of scale, significant savings in time:

  • The Chroma arcomed infusion pumps have quick start infusion systems.
  • Navigating through the different settings is done using icons on a touchscreen, just like a mobile phone or tablet. The cumbersome system of having to search through different menus to get the right option has now gone. Just touch and go.
  • The same pump can accompany the patient in different hospital departments, resetting it with just a touch on the corresponding icon.
  • Wireless communication between pumps avoids having to enter the patient’s data in each one, for example, where they are used in TCI mode in surgery.
  • Regardless of where they are being used, all users interfaces in arcomed Chroma infusion pumps are the same. This means that staff do not have to learn how to use different pump models and manufacturers.

All of this means a saving in the most valuable resource there is in hospitals: time. arcomed is at the forefront of infusion technology. We can offer hospitals future technology made today.