Infusion pumps are one of  the most used devices in hospitals. As a result, any advantage of an infusion pump over another can be crucial, not only in the patient’s greater comfort or security systems it involves, but also for the savings in time.

We will look at two factors that, in principle, may not seem very important but he opposite is true. Easy navigation between the different infusion pump options (setting the infusion flow and volume, searching the drug libraries, entering data on pharmacokinetics models, etc.) and quick start for infusion.

Handle navigating through menus vs. handle using icons

Most infusion pumps on the market still use black and white, small screens that are not touchscreen. This means extra time, as navigating has to be done using menus. Anyone who has a smartphone (which is the vast majority of us) remembers the time when mobile phones did not have a touchscreen. There were high-tech handsets with large keyboards (like BlackBerry) that allowed you to access different features, but its navigation was complex and you had to get used to it. Which meant they were not very intuitive. So these types of phones have practically disappeared from the market now, replaced by touchscreen interfaces smartphones where navigation is done by using icons and with just a touch of the finger.

Chroma infusion pumps from arcomed follow the same principle. Why lose time navigating using menus when we can access the feature we want with just one touch? In the era of touchscreens, navigating using menus is a memory of times gone by. If the screen is also bigger than other infusion pumps, it is in high contrasting colour (and therefore highly visible even at a distance) and can be even used with wet gloves, the advantages are clear. Easier and more intuitive means getting the desired feature quicker.

Quick start for infusion

Quick start for Chroma volumetric infusion pumps from arcomed is a feature that we are especially proud of, as it responds to a demand from the health professionals we work in close collaboration with. We have invested a lot of research and development time into creating a volumetric pump that only takes 15 seconds to start , from the moment you insert the system. The pumps from our main competitors take 45 seconds to do this, meaning 3 times longer.

Quick start for infusion is key for two reasons:

  1. For critical patients in ICU, starting  treatment can be a key factor.
  2. The time saved thanks to a quick start also generates an important costs saving. Taking into account that the staff resources of a hospital are always limited, let’s take an example to measure this saving. Let’s imagine a hospital that has 250 volumetric infusion pumps, and that each one is started 10 times a day. If we save 30 seconds on each start-up, this means 300 seconds a day per each pump. 300 seconds x 250 pumps = 75,000 seconds a day (20.8 hours). If we multiply this by 365 days, we get a saving of 7,592 hours of work/year. Or what is equivalent to 949 full working days.

If we add to these aspects less time to train, because of its easy handling and due to the fact that the same arcomed pump can be used in all hospital departments, as well as all its technological features and exclusive error reduction systems such as coding drugs by colour, we will see that the financial saving that the arcomed pumps bring is far from insignificant. This makes us not only pioneers in infusion technology, but also in cost-benefit ratio.