The Brand

Who we are!

As a global innovation leader of Swiss origin since 1974, we pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality solutions to healthcare. We have pioneered multiple developments, greatly contributing to the highest levels of patient safety and patient care.

Zurich Switzerland sunset.

Developed and manufactured in Zurich. Swiss Made.

Research and Development

The core of our success

Arcomed is proud of its Research and Development Centre. Continuous innovation is at the core of our success, ensuring that our customers benefit from the latest technology and high-end, top-of-the-range products.

Global Network

Long-term relationships

Networked globe.

Our network of subsidiaries and distributors serves our large customer base worldwide. Arcomed’s core values are to provide advanced products and superior service. We are dedicated and committed to working in long-term partnerships with our customers to deliver the best healthcare outcomes.

Management Team

Chairman of the Board
Vice President

Dr. Marc Vollenweider

Member of the Board
Thomas Moeckli

Executive Business Partner
Andrew Pritchard

Global Business Director
Maxine van Wyk

Head of Quality & Regulatory Affairs
Stefan Appel

Juan Fernandez

Human Resources
Office with statutory authority

Susen Akermann

Head of Product

Raffael Tamborini

Managing Director
Australia / New Zealand

Andre Delgadinho

Managing Director
United Kingdom

Ben Coombe

Managing Director
Netherlands / Belgium / Luxembourg

Arno Drost

Head of Business
Management Germany



Mohammed Basha

Southern / Middle Europe

Raúl San José Cortés

By Region

Head of Business Management

Mohammed Basha, Director

Head of Southern / Middle Europe
Raúl San José Cortés, Director

Head of Business Management
Asia / Pacific

Arwinder Bamra

Head of Business Management

German Salcedo

Head of Business Management

Andrew Pritchard

Head of Business Management
Australia / New Zealand

Andre Delgadinho

Head of Business Management


Head of Business Management
Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg

Arno Drost

East: Alexander Müller
West: Josué Grisel
Middle: Janick Meyer

Head of Business Management
Nordics / Baltics

Andreas Johansson

Head of Business Management
Middle / Eastern Europe

Gyula Vertesy

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our ethos

Equal, clear and long partnerships

At Arcomed, we promote open, clear communication. We firmly believe that this is the best practice for our team to find solutions to any challenge. It provides a superlative platform for the development of new and innovative solutions, enhancing patient safety and increasing workflow efficiency for hospitals. Everyone—from all departments—is invited to share their ideas and contribute to a solution. The best solution is found in a team.

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