Arcomed’s pumps have become famous worldwide for their simple construction and

user-friendlines core features offering permanent enhancement and sophisticated simplicity!


More than four decades ago, arcomed developed one of the first infusion pumps in the world. Our goal was to create a high-quality infusion pump that improved patient treatment by increasing safety in proce- dures and simplifying workflow for nurses. Today, hospital demands are constantly growing. Throughout our 40 years of expertise and dedication to infusion technology and the latest biomedical engineering devolopments, arcomed’s have fullfilled the sophisticated needs of hospitals with the same external shape, interface, design and functionality for both syringe and volumetric pumps.
Thanks to its user-friendly and intuitive approach, the arcomed pump has become simply irreplaceable your best choice for any hospital medical department. arcomed enhances our infusion pump range with UniQueDoc TM, our specially designed docking stations with an extensive range off floor stands along with the extremely versatile infusion data management system, UniQueCONCEPTTM. We offer our customers state-of-the art, safe, flexible solutions for the daily needs of infusion applications in any hospital setting.