Fully dedicated to infusion technology

For ICU, ANAESTHESIA TCI or TIVA, PCA and Neonatology.

Adjustment of a Volumetric & Syringe Pump from arcomed.

At the forefront of infusion technology since 1974.

All-in-One concept

Discover the All-in-One concept of our syringe and volumetric pumps.

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General ward

The perfect solution for your Hospital.

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Labour ward

Volumetric infusion for pediatric medicine. Convenient and safe.

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Enhances safety both for the patient and for the clinical staff.

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Advanced infusion solutions with the most modern standards in intravenous anaesthesia.

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An entirely new certified infusion device for use in hyperbaric environments.

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Enteral feeding

Discover our customised infusion protocols to facilitate long-term enteral feeding.

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The best care for the patients comes with medical infusion pumps and ICU pumps.

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Neonatal take care of the youngest patients with our neonatal infusion pumps.

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Take care of the youngest patients with our neonatal infusion pumps

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Check the robust and solid MRI shield which avoids MRI image artifacts

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Wide selection of quality IV consumables for standard and highly specialized infusion applications.

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