Reduce complexity. Increase safety.

Nurse set up arcomed infusion pump.

Colour Coding

  • Drug colour coding to ISO26825
  • Immediate recognition of drug class
  • Reduced risk of mixing up drugs
  • Clear differentiation between pumps
  • Colour on drug container matches colour on screen

Intuitive Operation

  • Colour Touch Screen
  • Folders and Icons for intuitive navigation
  • Full Drug Name
  • Fully tailored to Hospital requirements

Medication Safety

  • Full DERS capability
  • Up to 1,600 drugs
  • Hard and soft dosing limits
  • Weight based dose calculations
  • Wide range of dose units
Child in hospital with teddy and syringe.

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  • Pump pooling system
  • One pump for all clinical areas
  • Standardised interface on all pumps
  • Reduced training load for clinical staff
  • Reduced risk of skill fade

ArcomedPP Set

  • Polypropylene Giving Set
  • Lowest Sorbing Plastic
  • Patient receives total dose of medication
  • Lowest environmental impact
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