Optimising patient outcomes.

Infusion device software.

Integration to Electronic Patient Records

  • Bidirectional connectivity
  • Auto-Programming to send prescriptions to pumps
  • Auto-Documentation to send infusion data to EPR
  • Closed loop Medication Safety
  • Individual pump connectivity via WiFi
  • Docking Station connectivity via LAN and WiFi
  • Event based data transfer for complete record of infusions
  • Ability to connect to up to 4 different systems
Doctor and nurse in front of laptop and infusion pump.

Alarm Management

  • Connectivity to Distributed Alarm Systems
  • Silent Alarms for Critical Care areas
  • Complaint with IEC 60601-1-8
  • Ward Viewer integration
Nurse set up arcomed infusion pump.

Device Tracking

  • Internal WiFi can be tracked by Hospital location systems
  • Wake-up functions ensures ‘off’ pumps can still be located
  • Separate RTLS tags not required
Mobile infusion pump

Fleet Management

  • Remote update of drug libraries and configurations
  • Background Update allows update of running pumps
  • Pump pooling concept – one pump for all clinical areas
Software setup at Hospital.
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