The Original

Setting standards in every aspect.

Originating from Z├╝rich, Switzerland, Arcomed was founded in 1974 with innovation at its core. With nearly 50 Years of innovation and design experience, Arcomed is widely recognised as a pioneer in advanced infusion system design and integration. Maximising Safety, optimising performance, and delivering real-world efficiencies are at the core of what we do, and we continually strive to deliver exceptional solutions.

Our vision today remains the same as in 1974; that we create, design and build our future today.

1st Pump with Colour Touch Screen

1st Volumetric & Syringe Pump Standardised Interface

1st Automatic loading syringe pump

1st Syringe pump with door

1st All-in-One Concept

An all-in-one infusion pump from arcomed.

1st Eco-friendly consumable

Consumables arcomed.

1st High medication delivery (very-low sorption) consumables

1st Complete digitalisation solution

The Silent ICU Innovation of Ascom & Arcomed

1st WiFi Tracking in OFF-mode

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